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The ApplicAid team has many years of experience in every area of the scholarship world, whether as an applicant, scholarship holder, alumni or even a juror!

Together we are scholarship holders in more than 40 programs, both national and international.

Diversity and heterogeneity play a major role for us, which is reflected, for example, in the fact that we speak over 13 different languages.

Almost everyone in our team also has an educationally disadvantaged background themselves (first-gen students, refugees, migrant background, etc.), which is why we are very familiar with the needs, problems and wishes of our target group.

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Project Leader

Mara Pohlmann

University programmes

Eric Klemm


Jasmin Higo

Scholarship Guide

Cara Kim

Mentoring (Community)

Nicole Heßberg

Mentoring (Matching)

Dennis Huynh

Mentoring (Evaluation)

Marketing and Communication

Laura Klüner

Georg Wind

Business Development and Strategy

Kim Klebolte

Pelumi Fadare

Umer Adil


Jana Bilanovic


Long Bui


Patrik Staak

Deputy Managing Director

Backtosch Mustafa

Managing Director

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