For Mentors!

You are a scholarship holder and want to change the lives of disadvantaged people?
Then register now as a mentor!

Become part of our global network!!
As a mentor you can start your social engagement flexibly and from anywhere in the world!


As a mentor you support our mentees (educationally disadvantaged young people with a lot of potential) in their scholarship application.

After your registration we will add you to our database and match you with a mentee as soon as we have found someone suitable. You will then start a 5-week online program together, in which you and your mentee will go through all stages of the application and you can share your experience and expertise.


We will support you with guidelines for the application and mentoring process so that you can become a mentor even if you have no previous experience in the field.

Within the mentoring you will train your leadership skills and support the next generation of changemakers! 

For your commitment you will be included in our network of hundreds of scholarship holders from over 20 different countries, who have a total of over 530 scholarships.

Our Mentoring - a brief explanation:

You have the skillset

They have the mindset

In our 1-to-1 digital mentoring, you can change another person's life forever with just 1 hour per week.

Social commitment. Everywhere. Anytime.

You have these advantages as a mentor at ApplicAid:

Develop your leadership skills and foster the potential of young people!

Social commitment. Flexible and Global.
Perfect for your busy schedule!

Network with hundreds of scholarship holders from all over the world!

Receive the latest scholarships from all over the world regularly!

An official certificate for your resume!

Your tasks as a mentor


You encourage your mentee and help them believe in themselves!


With your support, your mentee can optimally prepare for the application!

Contact Person

Your mentee can come to you with questions regarding their application and get your feedback.


You share your experiences with your mentee and try to take away the fear of the unknown.


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