For Scholarship Applicants!

Get a personal mentor and an application guideline from ApplicAid so that your next application will be a complete success!

We help you to reach your full potential!
Our mentors support you with your scholarship application


ApplicAid has a network of several hundred mentors from all over the world, who have received a total of 530+ scholarships. 

All you need to do is register and indicate which scholarship you are applying for, and we will match you with a mentor who has already received that scholarship! Together you will then start the 5-week online mentoring.


During this time you will have at least 1h of conversations each week and cover various aspects of the application. Your mentor is your contact person for all possible questions and the person who gives you tips for a successful application.

You will not only be assigned a mentor, but will also be accepted into the exclusive Applicator Network after your application. A network of scholarship holders and alumni of all funding programs from all over the world with whom you can network and exchange ideas! In addition, you will regularly receive the latest and most exciting funding opportunities that our team has put together for you via email.

Our Mentoring - a brief explanation:

You have got the talent

We have got the support

In our 1-to-1 digital mentoring you will receive support for your application.

Free of charge. Anywhere. Anytime.

You have these advantages as a mentor at ApplicAid:

Receive the most interesting scholarships from all over the world regularly!

Your mentor supports you during your application!

Network with hundreds of scholarship holders from all over the world!

In order to register as a mentee for our mentoring program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a background in at least one of the following groups:

    • First in the family to study (first generation student)

    • Immigrant

    • Low socio-economic background

    • Refugee

  • You need to know which scholarship you want to apply for

  • You must know all the requirements of the scholarship programme for which you wish to apply and also meet these requirement


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